Why Choose Dueze?

1 Discover

Before we start anything the first thing to do is discover your objectives.

We want to get to know you. We want to learn your business, what audience you are targeting, your main points, and your goals.

It is just not possible for us to reach a destination that is not known. It’s our job to discover what you want and help you get there.

This Step Encompasses:

  • A “Get to know you” meeting
  • Definition of Goals
  • Research

2 Plan

Your brand is more important than you think. It’s not just your logo either. Your brand is seen as a summary of everything that you do. That’s why we work with you to help establish a consistent brand and vision.

If you already have an established brand, we consider how to be consistent with or possibly extend the brand that is already in place.

This Step Encompasses:

  • “Let’s talk about your brand”
  • Logo
  • Visual Identity

3 Design

This is where all the research starts to come together. We compile all the information gathered from previous steps and start to put together visuals that are engaging for your audience and consistent with your brand.

We will never force a style upon your brand. We base the design on the needs of the project and your input. We design for your audience, not for our design peers. Our number 1 goal is a design that is in alignment with your brand.

This Step Encompasses:

  • Determine Visual Design
  • Brand Continuation
  • Exploration via CSS/HTML

4 Build

The work doesn’t stop at the design level, in fact the work is just beginning. It takes true craftsmanship to successfully implement everything from all the previous steps into a cohesive and function application. A beautiful design deserves to be displayed with clean, efficient code.

All too often the details of a design will get lost in development. Not here. We craft the code carefully to consider every detail of the design. We are passionate about creating compliant, creative, and clean code that allows the application to perform at its best.

This Step Encompasses:

  • Front-End Development (CSS/HTML/jQuery)
  • Back-End Development (WordPress/PHP/MYSQL)